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Monday, July 21, 2014

Betsy: A new free doll pattern & tutorial

Eva, my sweet little 2yo goddaughter, has had her doll for over a month and I am just now able to get this post out.  We have been crazy-working on the pool and every other project went on the back burner.  We are finally done and I need to make a before and after post.  However, first let's finish Betsy's long awaited debut!  (Eva has named her Betsy.  Isn't that adorable!)

The things that make Betsy unique from Nancy or Lila are her always clothed body and a bigger bottom that allows for and a more stable sitting base.  Both of these things make it easier for toddlers to enjoy their dolls.

You need to print out her facial pattern to embroider or paint and use the head outline from it for the back back of the head as well.

Materials needed to complete the doll:
printer and paper
1/4 yard of skin-tone fabric
1/4 yard of fabric for the main body
Iron on interfacing for the fabric
For the Face:
Something to draw on the fabric 
5" embroidery hoop
3-4 colors of embroidery thread for the eyes
Black embroidery thread
Hair color embroidery thread
Skintone embroidery thread
2 colors of embroidery thread for the lips
paint in the same various shades of thread
For the hair:
1-2 skeins of yarn for the hair (depending on the length you desire)
5mm crochet hook or other innovation for a basecap

Here is the pattern for the body.  The finished doll will be about 15 inches long.  Right click and print it at 100% or click here for the PDF to print.

I have improved the way I construct this doll, it will work for all of my other patterns too.  After struggling with keeping all the limbs folded into the doll's body while I sew it up, and having other people tell me what a struggle it had been for them, I came up with a simple solution!  I can't believe it didn't occur to me earlier!  With the legs sticking out of the bottom and the arms tucked into the body you sew from above the ears and down side of the body that is inside out with the arms tucked in and then do the other side.  Then, you adjust the arms up into the head, tuck in the legs and sew around the bottom.  No more struggling with all of the the limbs being a bulk in the center at one time!  I can't believe it took me 2 years to realize an easier way!  Here is a photo tutorial of these 6 simple steps to making the doll body for you.

If you need more details in step 1 & 2 please refer to Nancy's tutorial.  It breaks these steps into 4 simple steps.

Now all you need are some fabulous clothes to add to her wardrobe.  I have several new outfits to post soon!  Happy Sewing!

Here are my doll hair tutorials.  Betsy has the shortest hair I have ever made because my bff requested short dark brown hair for Eva's doll.  I made 6 inch long strands that made just about 3 inch long "hairs."  You'll understand what I mean when you look at the latching in process in step 3.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Walking Dead, Our Impromptu Tour

This week I had the pleasure of Canaan's, my baby sister, company for 5 days.  As we were driving around, she commented, "Wow!  This really reminds me of  'The Walking Dead.'"  I told her that since it was filmed around here, that was not surprising.  She began fangirling and demanding to know why I had never told her this life changing news.  Long story short, we went on a bit of a "Walking Dead Tour."  And found out how to become an extra on the show, into the bargain.

Thursday, July 3, 2014